Sunday, February 17, 2013

Caricature in Literature

Last week, students of grade 5 were given an opportunity to show their creativity to their classmates and to the viewers of our blog. The assignment was to draw a caricature of Marv Hammerman based on only the descriptions given in The Eighteenth Emergency.

The outcome of the homework assignment was amazing, they truly came up with impressive drawings as I checked each and every one of them with amazement. And now I am sharing some of the very best ones among the pictures with you.


Ms. Eda

Faina - 5B

Ainie - 5B

Inan - 5B

Aik Naseem - 5A

Leevan - 5B

Suma - 5A

Thanaal - 5A

Zaana - 5A

Zaya - 5B

Khyati - 5A

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful job! So proud of my old students. Thanks for posting.
    Mrs. Colton
    (Previous 2nd grade teacher)