Monday, May 27, 2013

"Be A Folk Tale Hero' Day

As students have spent the second volume on folktales in English Literature, they decided to celebrate their enthusiasm and hard work by becoming a folktale hero for one day.

We had heroes such as Robin Hood, Zorro, Jasmine from Aladdin, Pocahontas, Little Red Riding Hood and  what not. Our heroes started the day with a movie, Ella Enchanted, full of magic, supernatural creatures, spells and curses, which has a lot in common with the stories they have been reading for the past weeks.

During lunch break, we had a grade 5 party in the canteen to finish our day of fun which also coincided with Rayaan's birthday (5C).

Without further ado, enjoy the pictures of "Folk Tale Hero" Day

Ms. Eda
Cinderella welcomes you to the folk tale hero day. 
Something's not right here.

Rapunzel and Cinderella become friends with a witch. 

Zorro comes in time to rescue them.

Then another Rapunzel shows up.

So Cinderella decides to take a picture with her, too.

Then a killer arrives in town. 

The Dhaloof makes his appearance.

Jasmin loses her way and ends up in 5C as well.

Rapunzel and Cinderella decides to include Jasmin in their picture taking ceremony.

Wait! What is MJ doing here?

Hello Snow White!

Snow White with her bee buddy.

Here comes Pocahontas!

Because it's Adventure Time!

Birthday boy becomes a zombie.

A lady pirate.

Zaana comes all the way from Mexico, or so she says.

Robin Hood with his bow.

She walks like an Egyptian!

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