Sunday, February 17, 2013

Anti Bullying Posters - The Eighteenth Emergency

In English Literature, as you know, we are reading and analyzing a novel called `The Eighteenth Emergency`. It`s about a small and weak boy called Benjie `Mouse` Fawley and his adventure in trying to run away from his bully Marv Hammerman.

Since this book chooses `bullying` as its main theme, we are doing a lot of anti-bullying related work, such as group discussions, posters and campaigns.

The first project we had was to prepare Anti-Bullying posters in groups. The students were given absolute freedom; from what kind of material they wanted to use in their posters to what they wanted to write on them.

Some groups decided to inform their readers about the reasons and consequences of bullying whereas some others started their own little `petition` to fight against bullying and stop it in their community.

Below, you will find pictures both of the students as they were preparing their posters and of some of the posters after they were completed.

We are currently displaying some of these posters on the blue wall near the front gate at school.

Ms. Eda

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