Monday, October 28, 2013

Movie Night

The movie night will start at 7 pm and end at 9.30 pm. This invitation is only for grade 5 students.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another Poem from 5C

Rayaan from 5C said he decided to write a poem during his free time. This is the very amusing and hilarious outcome. Keep on writing Rayaan!


The jail is so boring
As the people are snoring
The prisoners are slaves
And they are all called names
The jail cell is so dark
The police are playing dart
The prisoners rarely eat
As the police torture their feet
The police are mean
But the prisoners are clean

Rayaan - 5C

Monday, October 7, 2013

Newspaper Project

This will be the last assignment to be graded in English Language.

The assignment is worth 10 marks all in all and includes both individual and group work.

The individual part of the assessment - ''article writing" - will be worth 7 points out of 10. At the moment, learners are divided into 3 groups in each class. They have been given 6 categories (economy, science, politics, sports, art, technology) and they have each been assigned one topic to write about in a newspaper article.

Students are advised and encouraged to do a pre-writing research on their topic. During this research, they can read news from across the globe, write down notes in bullet points and be prepared for the assignment day. It is very important that students don't write their articles at home but prepare their points to write in class.

Second part of this assessment is the group work where students get together and create their own newspaper. They will name their newspaper, create a template, insert headings, images and finally their articles. (They can attach any kind of image to make their newspaper more colorful, including pictures from the internet and drawings made by themselves.) This section of the assignment focuses on their team-work skills and is worth three points.

Groups for the Newspaper Assessment